TECHPharm GmbH was founded in 1997 as a service enterprise for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with the office in Bruchsal. TECHPharm is a GMP-contract laboratory with equipment and devices for pharmaceutical, chemical, physical, microbiological and instrumental analysis which is subject to the supervisory regulations according to §67 AMG (=German Drug Law). TECHPharm was inspected by the FDA in September 2013 and February 2018. There were no observations nor recommendations.

The key activities of our work are investigations of raw materials, intermediate products, semi-finished goods, finished goods and packing material, parametric contract analyses “on request”, stability storage, stability control, microbiology, cleaning validation und hygiene programmes. Contribution to projects and questions on development, approval and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceuticals as well as calibration, qualification and validation, environmental monitoring and quality management “on the spot” round out this spectrum.

TECHPharm is independent from partners, other service enterprises or any further parties. Other than effective degrees of freedom this fact ensures flexibility and short terms for decisions to be made in view of agreements and capital expenditures. At present, we have 47 employees. In our premises at Draisstraße 14, Bruchsal, we have 2,000 m² at our disposal. The Site Master File which we hand over to our customers and which had been deposited with the supervisory authority comprehends the organisation chart as well as the floor plans.

One of the reasons to get in touch with TECHPharm is our competence regarding analysis, quality control, manufacture, development and also regarding quality management on the field of pharmacy. We get it absolutely straight that a business relationship has to be established step by step and that we have to achieve a certain acceptance from the side of the customers. We are gladly prepared to prelude this acceptance by offering inspections of our test control units and it is our sincere ambition to develop an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Business relationships – whether new ones or established ones in particular – require precise price calculation. On request of our customers we submit quotations in writing and as a basic principle they are at no charge and without any obligation for the customers. We are very keen on maintaining price agreements even beyond the binding period as long as possible without raising the costs. New projects are calculated adequately subject to working technique, operating costs and expenditure of time altogether. Our attempt is to intercept travel expenses in favour of our customers, other costs such as office allowances are not known to us.

As a matter of principle, the engagement of subcontractors – for example for special performance on the field of electron microscopy – will always be cleared in advance with the customer. The most important advantage for our customer is that we have a number of efficient partners at hand whose work we can offer at reasonable prices and for which we assume full responsibility. Furthermore we reserve the right to inspect even to complete the quality management of the respective partners. As a result of this, our customer has only one main contract – our company.

Requests and further inquiries will be dealt with at short notice. Should the respective dialogue partner not be obtainable, he/she will be provided with the information at earliest convenience. Censorious reactions up to complaints are pursued straightforward. Our main concerns in such cases are the safety of the patients, the wishes of our customers and finally the security of the examined products.

Important for the assessment of our capacity first and foremost is not what we would like to offer next but what we already are in the position to offer to our customers and certainly what we have done so far. On the following pages you will be informed about such topics, especially under “analyses” and “competence centres”. And despite all the “science” we have not lost our “humour”.

On our part we would like to establish long-term business relationships, for ultimately each single order and all information are major investments from the side of the customer. We would like to give consideration to this fact. We are your reliable business partner and provide our competence, our know-how and our capacities so that you can fulfil your commitments towards your patients, clients, business partners and authorities as regards content and possible deadlines.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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